Camonghne Felix


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What sustains is growth, because here we go still trying to become who we are after all this time, in the aftermath of all this capture, this burden. Yolk proclaims its infusion with yoke, like how the way we grow is marked by what we have to carry, like how Camonghne makes me think come on! let’s go! let’s move in this, through this, like somebody carrying on as she’s coming up, smoking and skipping, testing and testifying, sounding and sounding, studying black life, which is the only life, to learn how to carry, and nourish. Camonghne Felix’s poems sing this, and they do this, too.— Fred Moten on YOLK

Camonghne Felix is a brilliant writer, thinker, imaginer, builder — a young leader who shifts and opens the possibilities for a more just, better lit world, with each step, each word, each question.
— Kathy Engel, Poet

A Black girl from the future you should know."
—Black Youth Project


As a black woman, poet and political strategist, I obsess over and think a lot about lyric, beauty, about the political and sociopolitical status quo, about dialogue, and about black radical traditions. I am obsessed with shared experiences of motherhood, with mental illness, and self-care amidst painful interruptions. I am obsessed with Hip-Hop, with The Block, with what happens on it, with what we become outside of it. I am obsessed with you, and with what it means to be present humanity. The work I do—both poetic and political – is about my commitment to cataloging those obsessions and doing the work -- in my community and art—that they ask of me.  


Camonghne Felix, M.A. has received fellowships from Cave Canem, Callaloo, Poets House and is an alumnus of the NYU Arts Politics M.A. program and the Bard MFA program. The 2012 Pushcart Prize nominee is the author of the chapbook Yolk, was recently listed by Black Youth Project as a "Black Girl from the Future You Should Know," and has been published in various publications, including Poetry Magazine, Academy of American Poets, Buzzfeed Reader, Teen Vogue, PEN America, The Brooklyn Rail, The Offing and The Shallow Ends. A political strategist during the day, Camonghne represents high profile individuals, nonprofits, and advocacy organizations in all media and government interactions, helping clients influence the local and national issues that matter most to their communities. Her debut collection of poems, Build Yourself a Boat, was a 2017 University of Wisconsin Press Brittingham & Pollak Prize finalist, a 2017 Fordham University Poets Out Loud semi-finalist, and is forthcoming from Haymarket Books in 2019.