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These days, whether you land a contract with a large publishing house, small press or self-publish, responsibility for publicizing your book will fall on you. Publicity means sales. But how does publicity work? This workshop (for poets, fiction and non-fiction writers) helps writers and artists develop social media strategies that support their larger artistic goals by teaching the how-to’s of personal brand curation and writing compelling content that leads to online community growth. This workshop is best suited for authors who do not consider themselves "internet savvy." 

Confused about what to expect the year leading up to a book's publication? This workshop will teach the expectant author how to set realistic goals while making room for your biggest dreams, create a marketing plan, define your book's audience, pitch yourself to media and create relationships with booksellers. We'll end the workshop by brainstorming publicity ideas. This workshop is best suited for authors who have forthcoming book projects. Remember, book publicity begins six months to a year before a book is published.


If hiring a book publicist isn't a realistic option for you at this time, consider investing in a one-time consultation. During the consultation, Kima will answer general questions about book publicity and marketing and discuss social media, branding, budgets and publicity ideas specific to your project. Along with a 45-minute conversation, authors will receive a one-page summary of Jack Jones's recommendations for your book project. The consultation is best suited for an author whose book is under contract with a publisher and is forthcoming within a calendar year of the consultation.