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Jack Jones Literary Arts creates customized literary campaigns including: strategy development, social media consultations, online media outreach, press kit development, tours, speaking and launch engagements and social media planning. Jack Jones provides both primary and supplemental publicity services.

To learn more about publicity services and pricing, write to Kima with a book project summary and e-galley, if available, at We are currently reading for 2019 and 2020 and are especially looking for commercial fiction, literary fiction, YA novels and memoir. We also have a special interest in cook books and nonfiction histories.

At this time, Jack Jones Literary Arts does not publicize self-published authors or children's picture book authors, including middle grade books. We do not publicize inspirational books, religious texts, self-help, or business books. We are publicizing poetry collections by invitation only.

Learn more about Kima's work through Jack Jones by reading these features at the Los Angeles Times, Bitch MagazinePoets and Writers Magazine, Refinery 29NPR Code Switch, The RootNylon MagazineBisou Elle, Essence Magazine, LA Times, Girl Boss, Bitch Magazine and Hannah Magazine.

Current Campaigns

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Ever since her mom died three years ago, Analee Echevarria has had trouble saying out loud the weird thoughts that sit in her head. With a best friend who hates her and a dad who’s marrying a yogi she can’t stand, Analee spends most of her time avoiding reality and role-playing as Kiri, the night elf hunter at the center of her favorite online game.

Through Kiri, Analee is able to express everything real-life Analee cannot: her bravery, her strength, her inner warrior. The one thing both Kiri and Analee can’t do, though, is work up the nerve to confess her romantic feelings for Kiri’s partner-in-crime, Xolkar—a.k.a. a teen boy named Harris whom Analee has never actually met in person.

Janelle Milanes is the author of The Victoria in My Head and Analee, in Real Life. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and their two cats. Her favorite Disney princess is Belle, since she was also a big book nerd.

Jack Jones Literary Arts is publicizing Analee, in Real Life. Read an excerpt at Bustle now!



Precise, taut, minimalist poems are Toliver’s Yellow Wallpaper, using the thud and drone of language to evoke the suffocation of a marriage gone sour, sound bouncing back, and creating patterns that are an inhibiting force in themselves. There’s a pulse to her work, one that harnesses the energy on the page to transcend binaries and boundaries of the self.

Like hands running over a strange surface in a dark room, the language of Ashley Toliver’s mesmerizing debut collection, Spectra, is constantly searching―the phrases, logics, and images coalescing only to disperse and transmogrify: ‘I say to the dark / look /everything is turning / into everything else / moth shuttled inside / an empty glass / paper slid over the mouth.’  While reading Spectra I was reminded that feeling one’s way through the unknown can itself become a kind of unparalleled knowing. ―Claudia Rankine

Ashley Toliver is the author of the chapbook Ideal Machine. Her work has been supported by fellowships from Oregon Literary Arts, Cave Canem, and the Academy of American Poets. She received her MFA from Brown University in 2013.

Jack Jones Literary Arts is publicizing Spectra.


Quist threads together intimate stories of family and culture with delicate and emotionally complex connective tissue. His style is warm and humble, yet polished and poetic. The varied environments that host these narratives are sensory and vivid; whether it’s a cramped twelve passenger van in Ghana or a cash-only room at a roadside motel just over the border of Utah, the smells, tastes, and textures of For Other Ghosts transports readers across the globe while grounding them in the tender and familiar.

Donald Edem Quist is the author of the short story collection Let Me Make You a Sandwich and the nonfiction collection Harbors. His work has appeared in several print and online publications. He is the creator of the web project PAST TEN, co-host of the  Poet in Bangkok podcast and serves as Fiction Editor for Atlas and Alice . He received a fellowship from Kimbilio Fiction and earned his MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Jack Jones Literary Arts is publicizing For Other Ghosts.





May-lee Chai presents us with a splendid gem of a story collection.
With each well-honed story, we are brought into a world that first seems undeniably familiar—parents and their young children try-
ing to forge their own way, lovers with matter unresolved, parents and their grown children saddled with decades of baggage (“Shout-
ing,” one story is titled, “Means I Love You”), but each story evolves into a place not known and the reader comes away with admired
wonder. In “Fish Boy,” Xiao Yu, a naïve but determined country boy,
becomes in a fairly short period a sophisticated city youth. And in
“The Body”—which is, as they say, worth the price of admission—
Chai offers five wonderful portraits centered around one horrific
discovery; those portraits are so detailed and thorough that the story has the feel of a novella. And complementing the vivid char-
acters, the reader has the gift of language—“a wind so treacherous it had its own name,” “summer days stretched taffy slow.” Chai’s
work is a grand event.

—Edward P. Jones, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of
The Known World, All Aunt Hagar’s Children, and Lost in the City

May-Lee Chai is the award-winning author of ten books, including
the memoir Hapa Girl, the novel Tiger Girl, and her original translation from Chinese to English of the 1934 Autobiography of Ba Jin. Her short prose has appeared in Glimmer Train, Crab Orchard Review, The Rumpus, and elsewhere. She is the recipient of an NEA fellowship and is an assistant professor in Creative Writing at San Francisco State University.

Jack Jones Literary Arts is publicizing Useful Phrases for Immigrants.


At night, Las Mal Criadas own these streets. 

Nalah leads the fiercest all-girl crew in Mega City. That roles brings with it violent throw downs and access to the hottest boydega clubs, but the sixteen-year-old grows weary of the life. Her dream is to get off the streets and make a home in the exclusive Mega Towers, in which only a chosen few get to live. To make it to the Mega towers, Nalah must prove her loyalty to the city's benevolent founder and cross the border in a search for a mysterious gang the Ashé Ryders. Led by a reluctant guide, Nalah battles other crews and her own doubts, but the closer she gets to her goal, the more she loses sight of everything—and everyone— she cares about.

Nalah must do the unspeakable to get what she wants—a place to call home. But is a home just where you live? Or who you choose to protect?

Read an exclusive excerpt of Dealing in Dreams at Teen Vogue!

Jack Jones Literary Arts is publicizing Dealing in Dreams.

Past Campaigns

Dolen Perkins-Valdez's Balm, strategic publicity in Los Angeles, 2015.

Kimbilio Fiction, strategic and cultural publicity and event planning in Minneapolis, Washington DC, Brooklyn, Dallas and Houston, 2015.

Naomi Jackson's The Star Side of Bird Hill, cultural publicity and tour planning in Washington DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Oakland and Decatur, 2015.

Tananarive Due's Ghost Summer, launch party and strategic publicity in Los Angeles, 2015.

Nina Revoyr's Lost Canyon, strategic publicity in Los Angeles, 2015.

Tanwi Nandini Islam's Bright Lines, national strategic and cultural publicity, national tour planning 2015.

Elissa Blount Moorhead's P is for Pussy, strategic publicity and event planning in Baltimore, Brooklyn and Philadelphia, 2015-2016.

Desiree Cooper's Know the Mother, strategic and cultural publicity and national tour planning, 2016.

Strategic publicity and planning for Out of the Binder, Inc's LA conference, BinderCon, for women and gender-nonconforming writers, March 19-20, 2016.

Cole Lavalais's Summer of the Cicadas, strategic publicity and national tour planning, 2016.

Tyehimba Jess' Olio, strategic publicity and national and international event planning, 2015-2016.

Dr. Ashaki Jackson's Language Lesson, strategic publicity and launch planning, 2016.

Rion Amilcar Scott's Insurrections, national strategic and cultural publicity and launch planning, 2016.

Natalie Baszile's Queen Sugar, national cultural publicity, 2016. 

Strategic publicity and planning for Out of the Binder, Inc's NYC conference, BinderCon, for women and gender-nonconforming writers, October 29-30, 2016.

Kimbilio Fiction, strategic and cultural publicity and event planning in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Dallas, 2016.

Lilliam Rivera's The Education of Margot Sanchez, national strategic and cultural publicity and launch planning, 2017. 

Angie Thomas's The Hate U Give, supplemental strategic and cultural publicity and launch planning, 2017. 

Khadijah Queen's I'm So Fine: a list of famous men & what I had on, national strategic and cultural publicity and launch planning, 2017. 

Simone John's Testify, limited strategic publicity, 2017.

Dr. Natalie Graham's Begin with a Failed Body, limited strategic publicity and launch planning, 2017.

David Barclay Moore's The Stars Beneath Our Feet, supplemental strategic and cultural publicity and launch planning, 2017. 

Nic Stone's Dear Martin, supplemental strategic and cultural publicity, 2017. 

Aisha Sabatini Sloan's Dreaming of Ramadi in Detroit, national strategic and cultural publicity, 2017.

Leesa Cross-Smith's Whiskey and Ribbons, national strategic and cultural publicity, 2018.

Shauna Barbosa's Cape Verdean Blues, national strategic and cultural publicity, 2018.

Natalia Sylvester's Everyone Knows You Go Home, national strategic and cultural publicity, 2018.

Poetry Society of America's Four Quartets Prize, national publicity, 2018.

Renee Simms's Meet Behind Mars, national strategic and cultural publicity, 2018.

Bethany Morrow's MEM, national strategic and cultural publicity, 2018.

Angela Garbes's Like a Mother, west coast marketing, 2018.

Bernice McFadden’s Praise Song for the Butterflies, cultural publicity, 2018.