Jack Jones Literary Arts creates customized literary campaigns including: strategy development, social media consultations, online media outreach, press kit development, tours, speaking and launch engagements and social media planning. Jack Jones provides both primary and supplemental publicity services.

To learn more about publicity services and pricing, write to Kima with a book project summary and e-galley, if available, at We are currently reading for 2018 and 2019 and are especially looking for commercial fiction, literary fiction, YA novels and memoir. We also have a special interest in art books, cook books, historical memoirs and anthologies.

At this time, Jack Jones Literary Arts does not publicize self-published authors or children's picture book authors, including middle grade books. We are publicizing poetry collections by invitation only.

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Current Campaigns


Poems that consider body a site of revelation, this collection of poems begins rooted in the landscape of the U.S. South as it voices singular lives carved out of immediate and historical trauma. While these poems dwell in the body, often meditating on its frailty and desire, they also question the weight that literary, historical, and religious icons are expected to bear and the shadows they cast. The vast scope of the poems arcs from a pig farmer's funeral to the paintings of Georges de la Tour and Toni Morrison's Beloved. With an ear tuned to the lift and lilt of speech, they wring song from sorrow and plant in every dirge a seed of jubilation. Rich in clarity and decisive in her attention to image, Natalie J. Graham writes resonant, lush poetry. Begin with a Failed Body was chosen by Kwame Dawes for the 2016 Cave Canem Poetry Prize.

Natalie J. Graham is a native of Gainesville, Florida. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Florida and completed her Ph.D. in American Studies at Michigan State University as a University Distinguished Fellow. Her poems have appeared in CallalooNew England ReviewValley Voices: A Literary Review and Southern Humanities Review; and her articles are forthcoming in The Journal of Popular Culture and Transition. She is a Cave Canem fellow and assistant professor of African American Studies at California State University, Fullerton.

Jack  Jones Literary Arts is publicizing Begin with a Failed Body.


This collection of luminous essays features swimming pools and poets, road trips and museums, family dinners and celebrity sightings. In a voice that is at once eccentric and piercing, Aisha Sabatini Sloan plays a series of roles: she is an art enthusiast in Los Angeles during a city-wide manhunt; a daughter on a road trip with her father; a professor playing with puppets in the wilds of Vermont; an interloper on a police ride-along in Detroit. As she watches cell phone video recordings of murder and dreams about the news, she reflects on her formative experiences with aesthetic and spiritual discovery, troubling those territories where blackness has been conflated with death. The curiosity that guides each story is rooted in the supposition that, contrary to how we are socialized, there is an intrinsic relationship between the way we conceptualize of darkness and our collective opportunity for awakening.

Jack  Jones Literary Arts is publicizing Dreaming of Ramadi in Detroit.


Justyce McAllister is top of his class, captain of the debate team, and set for the Ivy League next year—but none of that matters to the police officer who just put him in handcuffs. He is eventually released without charges (or an apology), but the incident has Justyce spooked. Despite leaving his rough neighborhood, he can’t seem to escape the scorn of his former peers or the attitude of his prep school classmates. The only exception: Sarah Jane, Justyce’s gorgeous—and white—debate partner he wishes he didn’t have a thing for. Struggling to cope with it all, Justyce starts a journal to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. But do Dr. King’s teachings hold up in the modern world? Justyce isn’t so sure.
 Then comes the day Justyce goes driving with his best friend, Manny, windows rolled down, music turned up. Way up. Much to the fury of the white off-duty cop beside them. Words fly. Shots are fired. And Justyce and Manny get caught in the crosshairs. In that media fallout, it’s Justyce who is under attack. The truth of what happened that night—some would kill to know. Justyce is dying to forget.

"Dear Martin is an absolutely incredible, honest, gut-wrenching look at what it means to be young and black in 21st Century America. A must read!” —Angie Thomas, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Hate U Give

Nic Stone is a native of Atlanta and a Spelman College graduate. After working extensively in teen mentoring and living in Israel for a few years, she returned to the United States to write full-time. Dear Martin, her first novel, is loosely based on a series of true events involving the shooting deaths of unarmed African American teenagers. Shaken by the various responses to these incidents—and to the pro-justice movement that sprang up as a result—Stone began the project in an attempt to examine current affairs through the lens of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s teachings. Find her at Twitter and Instagram at @getnicced or on her website

Jack  Jones Literary Arts is publicizing Dear Martin.


It’s Christmas Eve in Harlem, but twelve-year-old Lolly Rachpaul and his mom aren’t celebrating. They’re still reeling from his older brother’s death in a gang-related shooting just a few months earlier. Then Lolly’s mother’s girlfriend brings him a gift that will change everything: two enormous bags filled with Legos. Lolly’s always loved Legos, and he prides himself on following the kit instructions exactly. Now, faced with a pile of building blocks and no instructions, Lolly must find his own way forward. His path isn’t clear—and the pressure to join a “crew,” as his brother did, is always there. When Lolly and his friend are beaten up and robbed, joining a crew almost seems like the safe choice. But building a fantastical Lego city at the community center provides Lolly with an escape—and an unexpected bridge back to the world.  

The Stars Beneath Our Feet is about the weight of the world on the back of a child, and the creative tools necessary to alleviate that pressure. I found myself rooting for Lolly, and you will too.” —Jason Reynolds, Coretta Scott King Honor Winner for As Brave As You

David Barclay Moore was born and raised in Missouri. After studying creative writing at Iowa State University, film at Howard University in Washington, D.C., and language studies at l’Université de Montpellier in France, David moved to New York City, where he has served as communications coordinator for Geoffrey Canada’s Harlem Children’s Zone and communications manager for Quality Services for the Autism Community. He has received grants from the Ford Foundation, the Jerome Foundation, Yaddo, and the Wellspring Foundation. He was also a semi-finalist for the Sundance Screenwriters Lab. David now lives, works, and explores in Brooklyn, N.Y. You can follow him online at, on Twitter at @dbarclaymoore, and on Instagram at dbarclaymoore.

Jack  Jones Literary Arts is publicizing The Stars Beneath Our Feet.

Past Campaigns

Dolen Perkins-Valdez's Balm, strategic publicity in Los Angeles, 2015.

Kimbilio Fiction, strategic and cultural publicity and event planning in Minneapolis, Washington DC, Brooklyn, Dallas and Houston, 2015.

Naomi Jackson's The Star Side of Bird Hill, cultural publicity and tour planning in Washington DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Oakland and Decatur, 2015.

Tananarive Due's Ghost Summer, launch party and strategic publicity in Los Angeles, 2015.

Nina Revoyr's Lost Canyon, strategic publicity in Los Angeles, 2015.

Tanwi Nandini Islam's Bright Lines, national strategic and cultural publicity, national tour planning 2015.

Elissa Blount Moorhead's P is for Pussy, strategic publicity and event planning in Baltimore, Brooklyn and Philadelphia, 2015-2016.

Desiree Cooper's Know the Mother, strategic and cultural publicity and national tour planning, 2016.

Strategic publicity and planning for Out of the Binder, Inc's LA conference, BinderCon, for women and gender-nonconforming writers, March 19-20, 2016.

Cole Lavalais's Summer of the Cicadas, strategic publicity and national tour planning, 2016.

Tyehimba Jess' Olio, strategic publicity and national and international event planning, 2015-2016.

Ashaki Jackson's Language Lesson, strategic publicity and launch planning, 2016.

Rion Amilcar Scott's Insurrections, national strategic and cultural publicity and launch planning, 2016.

Sarah Schulman's Conflict is Not Abuse, national and cultural publicity, 2016.

Natalie Baszile's Queen Sugar, national cultural publicity, 2016. 

Strategic publicity and planning for Out of the Binder, Inc's NYC conference, BinderCon, for women and gender-nonconforming writers, October 29-30, 2016.

Kimbilio Fiction, strategic and cultural publicity and event planning in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Dallas, 2016.

Lilliam Rivera's The Education of Margot Sanchez, national strategic and cultural publicity and launch planning, 2017. 

Angie Thomas's The Hate U Give, supplemental strategic and cultural publicity and launch planning, 2017. 

Khadijah Queen's I'm So Fine: a list of famous men & what I had on, national strategic and cultural publicity and launch planning, 2017. 

Simone John's Testify, limited strategic publicity, 2017.