Where do I apply?

We are accepting Culture, Too 2019 applications here until Wednesday, May 1, 2019.

No one is answering my call.

We are a full-time book publicity company, and we work very hard on behalf of our clients during the day. We are not taking calls regarding the retreat. You may email hello@jackjonesliteraryarts.com with any outstanding concerns. If the answer to your question is available in our FAQs, we will not respond to your email.

Who is eligible to apply to the retreat?

Cultural critics of color.

 I want to help. What should I do?

Email the team at hello@jackjonesliteraryarts.com.

I don't have a website or Twitter handle. Why isn't my application going through?

Every component of the application is mandatory including the website and Twitter handle. In 2019, websites are standard for both emerging and established writers. We're interested in applicants who understand the power of, and use, social media. We consider our retreat a social media-centered experience.

Can Canadians and international writers apply to the retreat?

Yes, but there are no additional funds to help  with international travel costs.

What is a project proposal?

A synopsis of an unpublished essay of cultural criticism about fine arts, food, gender and sexuality, race, or popular culture that you're currently working on. If you are not a cultural critic, this retreat is not for you.

Is Kimpton Brice accessible for wheelchairs?


What about other accessibility needs?

If you require an attendant or assistant for medical purposes, we are unable to meet that need. We are also unable to provide assistive technology or interpreters for people with limited vision or hearing loss. We do not welcome emotional support animals but service animals can be accommodated.

What about bathroom safety?

There will be single-use bathrooms for use near meeting rooms. Every fellow has a private bathroom in their suite.

Can my child, infant, partner or pet come along?


I am part of a writer's collective. Can we submit one application for all members?

No. Separate applications need to be submitted.

Is there a general admission into the residency?

Unfortunately, no. All of our fellows are accepted via fellowship.

Can you give me more information on the proposal, writing sample and clips?

The proposal should be 250 words or less. The writing sample should be 10 pages double spaced of prose.


My proposal falls into more than one of the disciplines listed. Can I apply for fellowships in multiple disciplines?

Please choose one.


Does the writing sample have to be based on the project proposal I submitted?

The writing sample needs to be tied to the project proposal.


What is the difference between a workshop and a retreat and a residency?

A workshop is designed to do two things, 1. generate new work and  2. receive feedback on pages you bring in for peer and supervisor critique. A residency provides completely independent time and space to produce work, revise and research without the interruption of everyday life. A retreat is time away to work without feedback but with the added component of professional workshops and lectures.


What kinds of students are ineligible?

Students in bachelor's programs are ineligible. We will not make exceptions. Please do not ask.


I am an undergraduate student now but won't be in July. May I apply?



I can only come for a few days or a week. May I apply?



Are all events mandatory?

Yes! We've curated an outstanding roster of speakers to talk candidly with you about cultural criticism.

If I am chosen as a finalist, what happens?

A Skype interview with the Jack Jones team!

Why is there an application fee? Why is it $30? Will you consider waiving it?

There is an application fee because our applications are read by jurors, highly accomplished contemporary writers of color, who we respect and admire. Like anyone else, they need to be compensated for their time and labor. The $30 fee is comparable to other national residencies and retreats. In fact, it is less expensive than many other application fees. Applications aren't processed until payment is received.


Which discipline should I apply under?

The one best for you. Please don't ask us.

Are there other ways to support Jack Jones Literary Arts?

Yes, get some swag!  Book one of our speakers for an event! Buy a book by one of our clients!